Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Things I Got Right Today

  • Untucking Evelyn to let her see the rainbow tonight. Suggesting she could rock in her chair and watch it fade with her toy monkey.
  • Reading books in bed with her this morning.
  • Reading books at lunch with her.
  • Reading books this afternoon with Sawyer kicking, screeching, and doing raspberries between us.
  • Teaching Evelyn to play peek-a-boo with Sawyer and letting them be alone so she could "take care of him" while I put something in the oven. (Listening intently on the monitor to their laughing).
  • Giving up on trying to complete some computer task (researching BPA free tumbler cups?) to play a quick round of "mad dog" and tickling Evelyn. I probably should have played longer, but the kitchen truly was a mess that needed cleaning before the baby woke.
  • Allowing Evelyn to go in the yard this morning barefoot while the grass is still soft and new. This won't last all summer.
  • Relaxing on the whole crusty nostril business since E has a cold and it's just going to be crusty much of the day
  • Being patient about all the dandelions that around the house in various states of decay
  • Only smiling behind Evelyn's back as I lifted her crying little self out of the toilet after she forgot to put on her potty seat and fell in. I didn't laugh or smile until she was bathed, calm, and could laugh at herself.
  • Giving up on the stupid power struggle and just letting Evelyn eat the rest of her darn Easter chocolate. It turned out that there were only 2 pieces left, so it wasn't that big of a deal after all. (Will have to talk to grandparents about doing something like less, but really good quality chocolate instead of lots of the corn syrup filled kind. Any chance of that going over well?)
  • Making sure to read Sawyer baby books before his nap times.
  • Just cuddling Sawyer and "talking" with him as part of the bedtime ritual, instead of getting frustrated that it takes so long to get him down. I think he realizes that this is his guaranteed one-on-one time and is going to enjoy it. Have to remember that.
I won't write about the things (minor, but annoying) I didn't get right today. I don't need to remember those. And I hope that Evelyn - with her now possible ability to create long-term memories - will remember the good stuff too. (I'll record it here for her at any rate).

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